Our story

Ferme EDPA

In 2007, the camelina adventure starts for Ferme EDPA, property of the Durivage family in St-Edouard, Quebec. The managers were looking to integrate a new crop to their land. Since camelina was still completely unknown in Quebec, they went to meet scientists from the University of Montana in the United States. These researchers were very involved in camelina research to get to know more about this wonderful plant. The owners of Ferme EDPA were looking for a new crop in their agriculturale production system in order to improve their crop rotation. The addition of this plant in the crop rotation system resulted in improved sustainable agricultural practices.

At Ferme EDPA, the owners and their families were thrilled to discover the amazing benefits of camelina oil, especially its high omega-3 content which is beneficial for the brain. Because some close family members were experiencing health problems, it became a priority for the family to grow healthy products. Camelina oil was not known in Canada. It was mysterious because of its humble history while it seemed to offer so much!

At the farm, the owners and their family fell in love with camelina for ots taste, its properties as well as its mysterious history. Since Ferme EDPA has a mission to feed the population 3 times a day with healthy products, camelina production was a perfect fit to this philosophy!


Research projects took place in collaboration with Carl Bérubé, from Agri-action, author of many scientific articles in agriculture. With Laval University, some research projects took place, involving many partners from the world of agriculture.

Years passed by and research continues at Ferme EDPA to optimize camelina culture while using environmental friendly farming practices. In addition, new articles aregradually published around the world and camelina opens its way…


Then, in 2014, charmed by its taste and properties, seven Van Winden and Durivage family members (brothers, sisters-in-law, and nephews) get together to market camelina oil. Together, they decide to join their expertise in health, management, and their knowledge of the food and agriculture sector to create Olimega. A family business, Olimega has a mission to introduce camelina to consumers as well as to promote camelina products. To fulfill this mission, camelina must be of great quality, healthful, and produced in an eco-friendly way.

Authenticity, respect, uniqueness, and courage are valued at Olimega.

The first bottle of camelina oil was introduced on the market in May 2015. We, at Olimega, are very proud to present a healthy, high quality product from sustainable agricultural practices and resulting in long-lasting family passion. et voilà! We grow omega-3!


Here is our Olimega team:

Chantal Van Winden, a health professional with particular interest for healthy eating.

Sandra Bourdages, food safety and packaging coordinator in the food and agriculture industry for over 10 years.

Raymond Durivage, pioneer of camelina production in Quebec and co-owner of Ferme EDPA.

Stéphane Van Winden, a vegetable grower involved in many production, packaging and sales businesses distributing vegetables in the main grocery stores in Quebec.

Marc-Antoine Cloutier, lawyer practicing agricultural, cooperative and business law, and partner in Deveau law firm as well as founder of Juripop.

Guillaume Cloutier, young vegetable grower and agronomist involved in university research.

Simon Durivage Guertin, young farmer and technician in agriculture management developing camelina expertise in Quebec.

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